The Art of Drinking

PERSONAL WORK : Lighting & Rendering study
Focus on glass material, refraction, transmission, transluscency

Nicolas MARIE © 2020

What I have done :
All following aspects are made by me : texturing, shading, lighting, rendering & compositing.
Some assets modeling in this project come from free library on the Internet.
I used them to populate the scene and to feed reflections and refractions as well.
For some ones i had to redo modeling for better result but all UVs unfolding and texturing was done by me.

Softwares used :
Maya, Arnold, Substance Painter, Nuke.

What I wanted to do and how I did it :
The main purpose of this project was to focus on glass material. I needed/wanted to train myself a bit more on refraction and transmission.
So i imagined this project as a triptych with 3 differents mood and lighting.

It also was a good situation to improve my skills with Arnold and Substance.
On the bottle and glass surface, I focused on dirts and leaks with Substance.
And with Arnold renderer, I combined displacement & mix shader to get the overal dirt result on outside surface of bottle. But not only.
I wanted to add droplets onto the surface.
Better way to use simulation to achieve a more realistic look. But I am not Houdini specialist yet.
I wanted to try something with AI_CLIP_GEO shader from Arnold.
Then I used a noise displacement on a duplicated bottle mesh which I « clipped » with a third bottle mesh (with this clip_geo shader assigned on it).
After some times to play with noise and displacement settings, I get this droplets result.

This project is not a compositing work at all but I did renderer some AOVs to be able to tweak and better polish the final image or just to add a bit more occlusion, for example, which one is not there in beauty pass.
Then I rendered a few passes : only DIRECT, INDIRECT, EMISSION, OCCLUSION, Z and MATTES passes were rendered and enough for this training work.
In fact, i also rendered specular and diffuse passes but I didn’t need them in my compositing.
It would have been interesting to keep the whole beauty pass frome Arnold with camera depth of field. Better result in DoF (than the one I did without the cool Nuke plug-ins that are not there in my non-commercial version ), but too long rendering.
So i simulated it with Z pass at compositing step.
Also I adapted samples settings for each layers to save a bit more render time. Some passes still get grainy but I am ok with that. We didn’t really notice in the final output.

I hope you will like this project. If you want to share with me any feedback, you can use contact form on this website.

See you next for another lighting, rendering, compositing work 😉