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Here is a new wip of an outdoor scene. All is made by me regarding 3D modeling, texturing, shading, lighting, rendering & compositing.

Softwares : Maya, Photoshop, Mental-Ray, V-Ray, After Effects.

I’m actually working on a full 3D video. Just 1 shot. I’m going to reuse the Lamborghini from my matchmoving wip. I just want to remember that the car (from CGtalk Lighting Challenge #35) was modelled by Georgio Luciano.

PITCH The camera is focusing on the roadside and does a lateral PAN. Then the car goes furiously front of the camera. It’s generating smoke and dust behind it.

The purpose is to focus on the background and to play with the mood, the light from the sun and the dust VFX. Great exercise in Lighting and Compositing. I already made the compositing test for the shot. Here is the first picture.

Here is the first rendered shot below. I’m not satisfied yet. Many problems with the ground texture and displacement map. The pixels are too much « visible » on it. I need to improve that.

And I think it would be better if the background was filled a little bit more. I’m going to work on it.

But first I just want to arrange the vegetation on the foreground. Some of details are disturbing me.

See you for the next !

And here is the teaser for the next short movie « Road Trip ». Enjoy it !!


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