3D : « Haunted Hallway », CGTALK Lighting Challenge #8

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Haunted Hallway

Here is a new wip of an indoor scene. All aspects are made by me regarding 3D texturing, shading, lighting, rendering & compositing.
3D modeling was provided by JEREMY BIRN.

Softwares : Maya, Photoshop, Substance, Arnold, Nuke.



I’m currently working on a new 3D scene. I am gonna give an attempt to the CGTALK lighting challenge #8 : Haunted Hallway. This challenge is a bit old but it’s never too late to do it.
My goal for this lighting challenge is to train myself with the latest version of Maya (2019), to get my skills updated with Arnold renderer & Substance Painter.
That’s why i have choosen this scene. It’s not too heavy with polygons and objects. I don’t want to spend too much time with many objects to texture.

I want to focus on lighting mood and shading & texturing in order to improve my skills with Arnold.

Please find below the two first renders.

I have made for now simple texturing with basics textures just to get kind of a mood I want for this « Haunted » challenge. Also rendering settings are not highest yet.

I rendered AOVs with Arnold and I did compositing in Nuke. Not a complicated flow for now but it allows me to tweak some passes like I want.

I can now focus on texturing with Substance Painter to get something with more variations, dirts, rust, …


Hi !

A little update i wanted to share with you before going to work on texturing with Substance Painter.

I added/modified some extra meshes in the scene to populate a bit more and refined some lights, especially flashlight on floor.

Here are the renders.


Hi All !

I am curretly finishing texturing through Substance Painter.

I did some quick render tests in order to polish shaders and textures.

Here are those beauty renders without any occlusion and/or post production.
Hope you’ll like it !

A little work yet to come and it will be time to launch final batch render with Render Setup.

I will publish next time when compositing will be done for final output.

See you next time ! 😉

Enjoy it !!


Nicolas Marie​


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